Then you can step out of your uniform and get creative with your wardrobe ...until that time, repeat after me: Solid navy or Solid gray. Does that mean no pinstripes? Yes, no pinstripes. No brown suit? Correct! No brown suits (ever). White,orlightblue,solid,allcotton, high thread-count dress shirts. No tone on tone. No contrasting collar. No french cuffs. No “Pat Riley” curved collar. I am going to make this very simple: You want to look like President Obama, and not President Reagan. I’m not submitting an opinion on either President because I’ll invariably anger half the readers, no matter what I say. I’m merely pointing out that Obama looked crisp and professional and quietly elegant every time he walked to the POTUS podium. What can I say about Reagan? He sure was an awesome President, but his tailor and stylist should have been arrested for crimes against humanity. Obama wears a custom tailored suit by Hartmarx out of Chicago (97% worsted wool and 3% cashmere). I suggest you buy the affordable version of the Obama suit. Plan on spending around $800 dollars (If that sounds expensive, consider how much you and/or your parents spent on your education. This is no time to get cheap on me.) A hand tailored suit, by definition, is made by a tailor, from scratch, and will run you into the many thousands. The future King of England, voted the world’s best dressed man by GQ a few years ago, has his suits made by a team of about five people at Anderson and Sheppard (headed up by the chief cutter, Mr. Hitchcock-nobody uses first names at this 100 plus year-old bespoke tailoring firm). No brown suits ...(ever)