Let the impression you arrive with only be overshadowed by the impression you leave behind. Now that we’re done with the silliness.. let’s try and look like someone who is classy, understated, and professional. Drop the cologne, sell the pinky ring, blow your nose with the pocket square. It is very easy to get the whole “dress for success” thing completely wrong …and believe it or not, just as easy to get it right. I consider fashion to be the ‘f word”. If you are going to be a fashion victim, do it on your personal time. A job interview is no time to show off your cutting edge fashion sense. It is time to show off your sense of STYLE. This chapter is specifically regarding Men’s clothing and physical presentation. There is also a chapter dedicated to Women (although I didn’t write it). Think of the red carpet at the Oscars. Here comes George Clooney. Did he decide to add orange socks to his perfect Armani black tux for a dash of “style”? No. Stylish men wearing black tie don’t add orange socks, fashion victims do. George’s socks will be black, his shoes will be black and his bow tie will be black. His shirt will be white. Last year, the year before that, and next year. That’s called STYLE. George is so smooth silk is jealous. And here comes Quentin Tarantino wearing a black leather tie, with his shirt collar wide-open, hair all over the place. That’s called FASHION. Quentin is so cheesy Velveeta is jealous. The ABC’s of “The Wall Street Uniform” A. Fashion is the F word. B. The Suit Let’s make you influential. The best place to start is with your suit. Men, it is important to remember that in your first three years out of the college womb, if you have embarked on a career in the WM business, you will be wearing a uniform. After you start making real money and have enough commercial value that you could actually go get a job offer for more money than you are currently making? Clothes make the man, naked people have no influence. -Mark Twain